Monday, April 22, 2013

My Art Tattooed

Recently my friend Sebastain got one of my illustrations tattooed to this forearm. I was nervous but so excited! This is the first time my art has ever been tattooed (that I know of...). The thought of my art being on somebody's body forever is just wild. It tuned out pretty awesome! Below I have some photos I took & the original illustration. If you want to get one of my pieces tattooed or want me to design one for you please send me an email!


  1. That is SO cool! I am an artsy person myself and I was going to do a tattoo for someone but it never worked out! Wow, how amazing! Good job. That is so inspiring to me and I am sure so many others!
    That is a beautiful picture and now a beautiful tattoo! Maybe one day I will get one of yours! :)


    1. Thanks girl! Seriously please do if you want to :)