Monday, April 29, 2013

Say Anything

I don't normally write too much about my personal life on here. I usually just talk about my outfit or design. I figured who really cares? But I realized I loved getting to know the bloggers I follow on a more personal level. I'm genuinely interested in their life! I figured why not give it a try.
Some exciting stuff has been happening and I feel the need to tell everyone! When I first started my blog about 6 month ago I did it for fun and maybe to score a few free things. It's evolved from a small hobby into a huge passion of mine. I have been reading a lot about how to turn a blog into a business. Blogging professionally sounds like my ultimate dream job!
 Lately I've been itching for change and the freedom to travel. I felt a bit tied down by my job. San Diego is nice and all but I was constantly dreaming of life in a big city. But I really love my day job and I'm not about to up and leave. Then out of the blue I was given the opportunity to work full time from home. I really couldn't think of a more perfect situation. This way I can still have my full-time job yet have the flexibility to focus more time and energy on blogging. I plan on moving to LA in the next few months. It's a place where I can be surrounded by people with similar interests. A place where I can chase my dreams. I was raised in the mountains, but I've always been a city girl at heat. I'm beyond excited and ready for the change!


  1. Love, love, love your hat!

    xo Jennifer