Friday, May 6, 2016

Nora on the rooftops

Been doing all sorts of shoots for Revice the past few months, but this one has to be my favorite thus far! The location, lighting, ominous sky,  and fairylike model really gave it a surreal feeling.
Definitely different than my usual colorful and playful shoots which was fun for a change. I'm going to try and start uploading more of my photography work but for now you can see it at:

@daniroxannephoto &

Model Nora O'niel @noraoniel for Revice Denim.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Coachella Casual

Spend this past weekend out in the desert around all the Coachella madness. I used to always go to the actual festival but it becomes less appealing to stand around in extreme heat for 3 days straight as you get older haha. I helped out at a few of the parties and attended a few as well, it's a great way to still have fun and not spend a fortune :) I got my boyfriend Phillip (AKA instagram husband) to snap a few outfit photos along the way. Below are some looks I wore over the weekend. Also wearing my new Earth Mama tee design for Revice! 

We had an awesome time and got to catch up with a bunch of my favorite influencer babes. Made me miss blogging so I decided to throw up this post and maybe do an occasional outfit post again. Hopefully I can keep up this time haha.
Cheers babes xx-dani

Look 1:
-Hat: Maison Scotch
-Top: Free People
-Bottoms: Revice Denim
-Shoes: Matisse Footwear

Look 2:
- Top & Shorts: Revice Denim
-Shoes: Matisse Footwear

Look 3:
-Hat: Maison Scotch
-Tee: Vintage Harley
-Bottoms: Revice Denim "mom jeans"
-Shoes: Matisse Footwear

Thursday, March 31, 2016


At it again! I've tasted the poison and I'm hooked. Lucky to be working at Revice Denim so I can grab some models and shoot whenever and wherever :) The past few weeks it's been back to back shooting and I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable and loving the results. As a graphic designer I've been photo editing for years and years so that part comes easy for me, I always try and get the most natural color and light possible. Below is a shoot I did with River aka @opium_dreams. I co-shot with my friend Naomi, but these are the images I captured :) It also features a bunch of my new graphic tee designs!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dusting off my camera

I used to dabble with photography all the time, Especially back when I was fashion blogging. The past few years I've been so busy designing and with the launch of Revice I hadn't picked a camera up in ages! I figured I was putting together and directing shoots for Revice all the time so why not get in on the photo taking action too? I had my amazing photographer friend Corinne of @stuckwithpins take me out shooting so I can really learn all the pro tricks. We had an awesome time shooting and I'm super excited to share all the images I snapped below :)
She's wearing all Revice, including my graphic tee designs!

Model: Georgie Santos

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mate the Label Summer collection

Today after months of waiting Mate the Label's summer collection released! The new line is called "always go" and is inspired by travel and destinations. I was able to collaborate with them on a bunch of vintage tourist style tees, a favorite of mine! It's a mix of illustrations and hand drawn text. Below are my designs, check them out and take a peak at their site & insta:


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Revice Launch!

So excited to announce the brand Revice I've been working on launching is finally LIVE! 
I've been working my booty off on this for almost half a year now. I co-created this brand along with my friend Shai who has been in the denim industry for 20 years. All of the graphics and custom knits are designed by your truly! I also collaborated on the denim design, designed front end web, and oversee marketing. Needless to say I've been a busy lady, but it pays off to see everything up and running!

Revice is a line of vintage inspired denim & graphic tees all made in USA. We made top quality product and sell directly to our constomers on our web store, which eliminates retail markups. That pretty much means the denim & tees are half as much as they normally would cost!
Below are some photos of the tee & denim designs!