Friday, April 19, 2013

Coachella Day 3

Weekend two starts today and I so badly want to go again! On the last day of Coachella I decided to get a little fierce. I nearly died when I saw this dress, It's just too perfect. Got this baby at H&M just a few weeks ago, so they are probably still there so go snag yourself one! Sunday I RSVP-ed for the Lacoste Live party but totally forgot about it! After looking at Instagram and seeing my favorite fashion bloggers posting pictures there I was so bummed! Ahhh I could have meet Christina Cordona, Bonnie Barton, & Aimee Song! And the worst...Alexa Chung was there. My Idol!
Totally dropped that ball on that one.



This week I was super inspired by the fashion I saw at Coachella! Ton's of tropical prints, high wasited shorts, and adorable cropped tops. As a T-shirt designer I couldn't help but notice a bunch of awesome graphic tees. Such an amazing source of inspiration. Below I have a desert inspired design I created yesterday. Until next year Coachella!


  1. Nice dress !
    You are very pretty !

  2. You both look fantastic!

    xo Jennifer