Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Street Smart

Decided one pair over overalls just wasn't enough. The thing I like about these ones is they fit on my waist and legs just like skinny jeans would unlike a lot of what else is out there right now.
A few of my friends recently commented that my style has been very "street" recently. One person even refered to me as "streetwear dani", haha. Anyways I was kinda horrified by this because I feel like "street" is synonymous with "ghetto". But there's no denying that fashion trends have strayed far from the girly and bohemian look that was so popular and gone more into a streetwear direction. I will admit I have been indulging in this casual urban look a bit too much lately and here's another example of it!

Overalls - Freepeople
Plaid jacket - Zara
Bag - Marc by Marc jacobs
Basic Tee - Jedidiah
Shoes - Converse