Friday, March 8, 2013

Red Hot Pants

Every girls needs a pair of pants that scream "Look at my legs!!!". These are my red hot pants.
Now time to brag a bit about my extreme thriftiness!  
The pants are Ralph Lauren but I snagged them at buffalo exchange for $17.
The top is a super old school lucky brand denim button up with embroidered flower detail. Got this at a thrift shop for like $5. So funny how brands go in and out. I used to LOVE Lucky Jeans. now they are just kinda "meh". I feel like they waited to long to join the skinny jeans trend to stay true to the 70's flared look, and that didn't do so well for them. But despite that I adore this quirky top!
The shoes are Boutique 9. They originally retailed for $160 but I spotted them on clearance at ross for $20! And on top of that I got an additional discount for saying they looked worn (which was obviously the intentional style haha, so cheating). Ended up getting these bad boys for $15.
If i wasn't such a deal hunter I could not afford my shopping lifestyle!


  1. wow amazing look, you're really pretty!
    Emma xx

  2. Great pants! I like leather or just black pants :)

    1. haha, step out of your comfort zone! Leather pants are pretty killer though!