Monday, March 11, 2013

Photographing Suzi

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph my gorgeous friend Suzi Jacobs.
Suzi does photography and she had asked if I was interested in doing a photo shoot with her, I agreed if I could take some pictures of her too! I have been wanting to practice photography and this was the perfect opportunity. We met up for some coffee on saturday afternoon and then started shooting. I love having creative friends I can do this with! Below are some of the photos I took of her along with some nature photos I took recently. The photo story tuned out to be so sweet & dreamy. And how adorable is her outfit? My favorite part is how she layered her socks and boots. I need to get some tall socks and rock this look myself! I'll be uploading her photos of me on my blog soon! 


  1. Hello! I just started to follow your blog! If you could look at and follow my blog I have beauty reviews/fashion tips!


  2. Wow!! I wish I could edit my photos like those, do a tutorial pleaseee!

    Btw, love your blog and your style :)

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    2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try and post one soon :)

  3. love this. she is so dreamy. as are you!