Monday, January 13, 2014

Ditching Class

This past weekend my friend Wesley and I snapped some photos for our blogs and ended up shooting at this high school. Then we realized we graduated high school 6 years ago and both felt really old haha. SO I scored these hudson jeans at crossroads for $45, after I got home I did some googling I found out they retail for almost $400. This is why I love resale shops! Basically how I manage my extreme shopping habits. Moto pants with leather contrast panels are huge this winter. Threw a studded leopard jacket in the mix giving this outfit even more edge. I'm constantly changing my style and re-inveting my look, and man it can be exhausting! I remember when the beginning of fall I wanted to go super grunge, but now I feel myself moving more in a classic direction, despite how much this outfit is NOT that haha.

Moto denim - Hudson
Leopard studded jacket - Unif
Basic tee - Zara


  1. Babelicious!

    xo Jennifer