Monday, September 9, 2013

Rose Bowl Flea

Totally snagged this post from Corrine! Yesterday my favorite sisters came up to visit and go to the flea market. We are all major bargain babes who love finding a good deal!

The Rose Bowl Flea is an awesome swap meet they have in LA filled with all sorts of unique goodies. I'm obsessed with decorating my apartment so I always go hunting for bright and colorful shabby-chic style furniture. And of course clothing! There is a huge selection of vintage clothing you can sift through. Many racks for only $5. I was on the hunt for a good Kimono but couldn't fine one. I've even been looking online & no luck! But we all did score these awesome antlers shown below.  I'm planning on painting mine sea foam green & gold to match my ultra girly studio.

On a side note I saw the gorgeous blogger Jill of there but got to nervous to say hi! So unlike me, but she's such a big blogger! She had on the most killer black maxi & boots. haha, afterwards I commented on her Instagram that I saw her there and she was like "aww that would have made my day!! We walked in together! I pointed you ladies out to my boyfriend as a well dresses pack of gals!" Shoot! Missed opportunity! She seems really sweet :)

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  1. I still to check out the Rose Bowl flea market!

    xo Jennifer