Sunday, May 12, 2013

Keep it simple

I got this dress on sale at H&M a few weeks back. It's such a comfortable dress! My favorite part is the a-symmetrical hemline. It makes the dress so simple yet unique. I decided to accessorize with a studded headband and these amazing Jeffrey Campbells I just scored in LA! This made this look have just the right amount of edge. Lately I feel my style becoming less girly and a bit more rocker! Don't mess with this chick! LOL.
Photos taken by my friend Chuck, follow his instagram here: rollerodyssey


  1. Hey! You must be Alexa Chung's twin sister! I really like your style and I can't believe you don't have thousans of fans on this page!!! How is it possible? Anyway, I follow you now and wish you good luck with your blog! :)

    1. Thanks so much, I'm obsessed with Alexa! Haha I'm working on it! I've only been blogging for like 6 months but I'm hoping to go big places!

  2. I have a similar dress but I always thought of it as just a swim suit cover up. You make it totally chic and wearable!

    xo Jennifer